Class Thyme

Ever notice how the party often gravitates toward the kitchen?

Host a cooking class for any occasion and everyone can hang out in the place they love!

  • Sushi
  • Knife skills
  • How to Plan a Partyimage
  • Desserts
  • Wine pairings
  • children’s cooking classes
  • Weekly meal planning

BRIDAL SHOWER COOKING CLASS – Food and gifts included in one!


  1. Choose kitchen appliances to present to the Bride (every cook should have good knives, food processor or blender and mixer or KitchenAid)
  2. Tell Heidi the Brides favorite foods, fetishes or dietary restrictions
  3. Heidi will come up with three dishes for the group to make with the equipment.
  4. Everyone eats the finished products and present the cleaned equipment to the Bride
    A Bridal shower that everyone will look forward to being at!

$50/person plus ingredients (10 person minimum)

$45/person (10-20 ppl)


creme brulee (gift: ramekins and torch)

Gluten free cupcakes (gift: Kitchen Aid and piping bag)

General Tso’s Sesame chicken (gift: crock pot and/or frying pan)

Wontons (gift: bamboo steamer)

Email to book a date!

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